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Among the main attractions in Greece. The water falls from a height of 70m.

Αnother one among the many waterfalls in the waterfalls area.

Every night the waterfalls of Edessa are illuminated.

The waters fairy lies somewhere in Waterfalls. Discover.

Plane trees and water create a 4-season magical landscape.

The ancient city located in the place called "Logos." Immersed in the green.

6m height wall surrounds the ancient town and citadel.

The Byzantine history of the city through the old cathedral.

Byzantine Church in the historic district called Varosi.

The industrial history of the city. Watermills & Factories in operation.

Built on the ruins of an ancient temple near the ancient city.

Varosi is the historic district. Macedonian architecture and cobbled streets.

"The stones speak" - The streets of the city.

Report folklore from the late 18th century to today.

Gallery hall - Hosts periodic exhibitions.

Museum with Engravings & Maps since Gutenberg's time.

The Airplane

Inside the Forest of Gavaliotissas in honor of Edessa's Pilots.

The point from where one can see up to the Athos mountain.

It is assumed that the ancient Egnatia Road was passing through this area.

Downtown waterfalls in a short version.

Outstanding beauty on the river that crosses the city

In every park citywide.

The view of the city from the booth of naturalist group.

Trademark of the city built in sandstone placed in the city center.

Permanent exhibitions on contemporary cultural center.

Since 1922 assists the cultural life of the city.

2500 spectators under the trees give life to the stones.

Perhaps the most beautiful station in Greece. Huge trees everywhere.

The field of sports. Road safety park for children.

One of six mosques in the city. It hosts an archaeological collection

Grove of pines. Area for picnics and excursions.

Grove of pines. Operating sports facilities. Area for picnics.

View of the city. Ruins of a Byzantine castle.

View of the city and the valley. Area sports & recreation.

A tree from China ... full of history.

Near to God with a view of Edessa.

Inside the Forest of Gavaliotissa.